Personally the only time I use Internet Explorer anymore is if I am downloading Windows updates or a certain page doesn’t pull up correctly with Firefox.  Speaking of that … there is a great Firefox extension for just such a situation IE Tab

For work though I find myself in situations where I need to set up IE for users.  Today I had to pull out an old IE trick for a user who was switching to a different workstation.  They wanted to take their bookmarks from IE with them.  Here is how.

Open Internet Explorer and click on File Import and Export…


This will start up the Import/Export Wizard.  Click Next.

Since we are saving the bookmarks from this machine choose Export Favorites.  As you can see you can also export cookies and RSS feeds if you want to.  Click Next.

Your will see your Favorites folder highlighted.  Click Next.

Now we want to choose a location to store the favorites.  Here I chose a network drive.  You can also save them to a flash drive or a floppy if the file is not too large.  After you have selected a location to store the file click Next.

Once the Wizard has finished saving the files click OK.  Then click the Finish button. 

That’s all there is to it!  Now when you go to the new machine just run the Import Export Wizard and choose “Import Favorites” then point to the saved location.