So you’re not able to get on the Internet or connect to your home or office network?  Here are a few basic command line tools you can use to help pinpoint the problem.

All of the following use the command line interface in Windows which is accessed by typing CMD into the run line in XP or the search field in Vista.  After typing in CMD click OK or hit Enter.

You cannot connect to the network but all your hardware seems to be functioning fine.  You can try pinging your network card to make sure it is functioning by pining local host.  At the prompt type in “ping″ Without the quotes.  If you receive a reply 4 times you’re good to go.  If not, then you will want to investigate your NIC (Network Identification Card).


An easy way to find out if your communicating to the Internet is to ping a known site such as Google or Yahoo.  Just type in “ping” if you receive a reply 4 times your talking to the web.

I will include a lot more useful network troubleshooting tips in the coming weeks.  At this time I would like to completely shift gears and show you an old Telnet movie which has been around for years.  Click Start Run  now type in

Now sit back and watch a telnet version of Star Wars.