After reformatting your computer’s hard drive and doing clean install of Windows XP, using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard utility built into XP makes the process easy.  Also, if you have purchased a new computer you can transfer your files and settings to the new machine.  In Part 1 I will go through saving your files and settings from your old machine.

It is important to use the same version of Migwiz.exe which each machine.  If you use different versions the file you create with the wizard will not be recognized.  To verify I have the same version, I will use the XP installation disc on both machines to access FAST.  You will also want media to save the FAST file.  The resulting folder with be similar to USMT2.UNC and the file will be something similar to IMG00001.DAT.

On the old computer click Start  Programs Accessories System Tools File and Settings Transfer Wizard


The FAST Wizard opens up.  Click Next.


Since we are saving the settings from the old computer make sure “Old computer” is selected and click Next.


If you’re on a network browse to a dedicated share to store the backup.  You can also use CD, DVD, or directly connect. 


Now we can choose to transfer settings, files, or both.  I also check the box “Let me select a custom list of ….” this way I can delete unneeded files and settings.  This will make the transfer faster.  If you are not sure what you need or don’t just stick with the default settings.  Click Next.


Here I can choose what settings and files to keep or delete.  When finished click on Next.


The Wizard begins the process of transferring the files and settings to the location I provided earlier.  This may take a while depending on the amount of data and the speed of your network.


After the FAST wizard has completed you can just click on the Finish button.


As I mentioned above, I use the same Windows XP installation disc to verify I have the same version of Migwiz.exe on both machines.  So simply pop in the XP disc with the computer on and a menu pops up.  Choose “Perform additional tasks”.


Next choose “Transfer files and settings”.  This will bring up the FAST wizard just as though you were browsing to it.


Later this week I will go over transferring your saved FAST file onto the new machine!

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