Make Monday Not Suck: Opera

This will liven up your week a bit.  You may be thinking… “oh another web browser … big deal”.  Well, Opera has a lot of interesting features to play with.  Right now I don’t see it replacing Firefox by any means, but it is a fun toy none the less.  The people in the opening install screen are having fun!  What more evidence do you need???  Let me show you.


Out of the box Opera has many cool features to play with.  The first feature that stands out is “Speed Dial”  This allows you to put your favorite sites into a thumbnail view.


For widget lovers Opera has thousands to choose from including cool little time wasting games.


There is a Pandora widget which is always cool … in fact you will be playing with this browser all week … just make sure you bit “Alt+Tab” to switch the screen to your spread sheet when the boss walks by!


Learn more and download Opera.

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+