Technology in our world is constantly evolving at an incredibly rapid rate.  The consensus in the IT industry is to stay ahead of the curve.  If you misstep the IT bus leaves you behind with the Pentium II’s.  It leaves  you stuck, trying to achieve the unachievable… stuck in a horrifying downward spiral… a desolate void… or a classic?

A CLASSIC!!  Yes indeed.  In the haste to become technologies next big thing many ideas, products, and applications fall to the wayside.  When I was growing up, the kid on the block who had an Atari 2600 was king!  If you were lucky enough to own a Tandy computer you were considered rich!  Oh how I long for the days of playing Oregon Trail on an Apple II.  For cruising down memory lane I decided to put together a few pictures and links to remind you of some of the “good old days”.

My all time favorite!  Click on the picture to download a great Apple IIe emulator which included virtual floppy discs to play Oregon Trail!


The Atari 2600 even though graphics were nothing compared to the Arcade … it was damn cool playing Pac-man at home!  Check out the AtariAge website for all things Atari!


If you are an older geek then you can never forget one of the most classic geek movies … WarGames.  Would you like to play a game?


If you have any classic technology moments be sure to share them with us!

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