I personally cannot stand the “bread crumb” toolbar Microsoft makes us use as a default.  I really wish this was an option to enable or disable.  I see a lot of praise for this new feature with people saying “it makes navigation extremely fast” … Am I alone here?  Am I the only one who sees no benefit to this?  When i am navigating an OS I get there via a straight line .. I have no reason to go back somewhere else along the journey.  I am a proponent of shortcuts for frequently used paths.  When I want to view the traditional path of a certain location, it actually requires an additional mouse click!  How is this more efficient?  How does that speed things up? 

For instance my buddy online want to take a look at templates in C:Program FilesHPPhotosmart EssentialTemplate … well here it is with bread crumbs.


Here it is after clicking the folder and copying it with “Ctrl+C”.  Then to change that view back to breadcrumb you hit the “Tab” key.


Now, if you hit “Ctrl+C” while the Breadcrumb bar is highlighted and then “Ctrl+V” to paste… it will show C:Program FilesHPPhotosmart EssentialTemplate …

I would like to know how many others do not like the “Bread crumb” explorer view.  Does anyone know of a third party app that will get rid of this? 

Or if you do think this is an enhancement to Windows let us know that too!  It’s a small gripe but one that annoys me nonetheless.

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