Here is how to manage basic Windows Home Server settings.  Screen shots speak for themselves so here we go!

From the Start Menu open up Windows Home Server Console


This is an odd place for the settings but in the Beta they are located in the upper left side of the console.  Click on the gear icons.


The first screen contains the General settings.  Time, Region, and turning on or off Windows Updates.


Under Computers & Backup you select the backup times for the computers on your home network.  Backup management and cleanup are also handled in this area.


This is where you decide what folders you will share on the network. 


The Resources area give you the status of your server software and hardware as well.


Mysicgeek’s Tech Lingo:  Beta Release – This is the stage in a software applications lifecycle before Release Candidate.  Usually the software is about 70% complete and some of the final bugs are reported and worked out.

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