Call them what you want Gadgets, Widgets, Gizmo’s … but what they are is stupid.  I have not found a single gadget that is anything but annoying.  None of these little eye candy toys do a thing to enhance my computing experience.  On the contrary, they annoy me and eat up valuable computer resources that could be spent on more productive computing.  When I first installed Vista I think I played with it for 5 minutes then got bored. 

And why does Microsoft tout these as some revolutionary technology to bring us into the next century?  I remember downloading a program called Desktop Sidebar back in 2003 for XP.  This program did basically the same thing albeit not as graphically elite.  At the time it was a pretty cool thing … I think I had that installed for 5 days before growing tired of it. 

The Clock… yeah we have all seen the clock! 


The CPU Meter… For some reason it reminds me of the racing game from back in the 80’s Pole Position.

2     pole-position-1


I will admit I have found one gadget out of the bunch that is actually fairly interesting at times Multi Meter (Dual Core) V1.24


Well now that you know my position, how do the rest of you feel about “gadizmogets”?  Am I the only one who dislikes them?  Am I missing out on some that actually result in enhanced productivity?  What are some of your favorites?

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