You do not have to settle for MTV’s Urge music store when using Windows Media Player 11.  In fact you have a several stores you can choose from.  The list of stores include Napster, emusic, puretracks and others.  You also can use video download stores also such as MovieLink. 

Click on the button which is currently the online store.  More than likely it is Urge … scroll down to “Browse all Online Stores”.


Here you will get a list of all media stores connected with WMP 11.


The store you choose to brows will launch inside Window Media Player.


This is a cool way to be able to check out and browse the different services.  some stores have free trials with no credit card needed.  Some are per track based while others are subscription based.

Mysicgeek’s Tech Lingo:  WMV (Windows Media Video) This is Microsoft’s Advanced System Format proprietary video codec

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