I don’t know about you but anytime I have to use a CRT monitor anymore I just cringe. Yes there are still high quality CRT monitors out there, but they are such dinosaurs. CRT’s are so huge, clunky, and in the way. I am a huge fan of saving space in my computing work area and flat screens certainly accomplish that. Not to mention the other important benefit of LCD monitors which is power consumption.

I do not have the specific technical energy consumption facts but generally a LCD’s use 20-50 Watts of power. On the other hand a CRT monitor can use as much as 150 Watts! The amount of power needed between the two is dramatic. I usually advise you looking at half the power consumption with an LCD monitor. With Energy Star Rated you’re looking at even less. For myself the quality of LCD’s seems better as well. CRT monitors are notorious for “flickering” unless you adjust the refresh rate to a high level.


Speaking of Energy Star Ratings, Another advantage of switching to an LCD monitor is additional savings from your power company. The electric cooperative where I work gives customers a $50 credit for every Energy Star Rated appliance they purchase. In a time when everyone is looking to save energy anyway they can switching to an LCD monitor definitely helps. Also remember that you need to dispose of your CRT monitor in an environmentally responsible manner. Check with your local municipal waste facilities, they can help you in disposing of hazardous materials in your old CRT. You can also find more information regarding disposal and recycling services here.

Mysticgeek’s Tech Lingo: LCD (liquid Crystal Display) This is a flat panel monitor which uses rod shaped liquid crystals that flow and bend light to create the display.

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