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In Defense of Spybot Search and Destroy

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I recently came across an article on Cnet questioning the advantage of using the anti-spyware freeware Spybot Search and Destroy. I definitely have to take exception to her position. This is my opinion on this great software.

I have been using Spybot search and destroy for over 5 years now. This program is incredibly useful! There are updates every week. As with any of these anti-malware programs the power is reliant on the end user. If you don’t update and run scans regularly you might as well not have the program. Certainly this program on its own is not a final solution, but one very important item in the arsenal.

The practice of being on defense against malware is in itself antiquated. However, until a decent reliable proactive alternative comes around the best protection is defense… however, that being said…
When you have the program updated (as of this writing) you can immunize your system against 30,668 known malicious programs. Also I use Spyware Blaster to work with Spybot Search and Destroy as a front line defense. Spyware Blaster adds an additional 8,057 known malicious programs to block in its database.

Sure the so called “security suites” now include anti-spyware support but who was the originator? I have trusted Spybot Search and Destroy since its inception. Bottom line it works and it’s free.


Mysicgeek’s Tech Lingo: (Malicious Software) This is software code created to cause intrusive and hostile actions on your computer. While this is new terminology malware refers to spyware, virus, adware, and grayware. Examples are cookies that gather private data, pop up advertisements, and keylogging programs.

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  • Published 07/22/07

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