I have been testing Windows Home Server (WHS) for about 6 months now. I thought I would write a few things about this new product from Microsoft. Basically, WHS is meant to be a computer which will sit in your closet and deliver multimedia content to various computers and other geek gadgets around your house. You are able to create user accounts, stream music and video, and create backups to your home server. Your children can watch a movie on their computer while you listen to your favorite music or vice versa. Saving copies of your files is just like you would do at work if you put them on a network drive.

There is also an automatic backup feature which will back up all your PC’s on your home network incrementally to the server. Adding more hard drive space is extremely easy. You can simply hook up an extra external USB hard drive. WHS will add this to the overall space on your server. One thing to keep in mind with this is that drive becomes a part of a whole. Meaning, it will become part of the overall server space and not an individual drive.

When booting up Windows Home Server Beta 2 there is always a Windows Server 2003 splash screen. This is because WHS is built from the Sever 2003 technology. I am not sure if you will get this in the final release or not. It is not as complex as Server 2003 however, so don’t be too intimidated. There is no Active Directory to worry about with WHS. You will be able to administer a server at home without having to be an IT geek!


In the coming weeks I will be adding a lot more how to’s on the site. When Windows Home Server becomes officially available to the public you will have a place to come to get the information you need to start using it quickly and effectively!

Mysicgeek’s Tech Lingo: USB (Universal Serial Bus) Industry standard to allow plug & play peripherals to be connected easily to your PC. An external hard drive for example.

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