I have begun Alpha testing on Cerulean Studios Trillian Astra the new version of the Trillian IM client. I thought I would share with you the look and feel of this new application as it goes through development. Remember, this is still in Alpha testing.

Installing the application is pretty straight forward. Below are the installation screens in sequence.


Where you want to install the application.


Trillian Astra is finished installation.


Here is the first screen after launching Trillian Astra.


Enter in the username and password and log in.


After logging in with my Astra account this is the default UI.


You are able to change the themes and other features using the View tab at the top.


Here are two of the many different themes and menu options.


Gold xmas

For those of you who are familiar with Trillian you will find all of the account settings and other preferences are pretty much the same as the current release. So far the main difference I have found is the eye candy with the User Interface. Other new features include plugins for MySpace, Rendezvous, Google Talk, AOL, ICQ, and IRC. There are also new options for video and voice conferencing. Stay tuned as I will have more screen shots and cover more advanced features coming soon!

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