Completely uninstalling iTunes from your computer is one huge hassle. If you happened to download the version with the iPhone update it’s even more so. The program likes to claw itself deep into your system. The following is a series of screen shots demonstrating the hassle. This is removal of iTunes 7.3 from an XP machine.

OK, here we go… Remove…

First RMV

Well, I did navigate my way to the Control Panel to remove it…


tick tock… tick tock…


Oh yes, the wonderful restart.


Uh Oh … forgot about QuickTime. Here is a great free alternative!


Windows again busy saving me from myself. Thanks Pal!


waiting …. waiting …. is this almost done?

14 RMV

No sir! We still need to get rid of Apple Software Update.


Is this for real!?!?

11 RMV

OK… keep on keep’n on

12 RMV

Make no mistake … Apple is not going to do a clean uninstall … so go into your C:program files to remove this folder.

15 RMV

OK…. We are done right? HA! You think it was that easy didn’t you. Upon checking system processes what do I see but the iPhone process running. Yes still running after uninstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and Apple Software Update.

apple mobile device after uninstall

And so we start again.


At this point I am so frustrated and pissed off I cannot do anything but LMAO!


There is goes….

10 RMV

Done correct? No you’re not if you want to do a complete uninstall. However, to document anymore screen shots is ludicrous. However I will tell you that I think I deleted about 7 more folders left behind which included cache files. Also, I removed about 30 registry settings! And you think Norton is a pig….

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