No this is not a list of “THE BEST EVER” extensions … I am so sick of those. I am just going to list the ones I use and never set up a PC without. After trying several I have come to be comfortable with the following list.

Adblock Plus Gets rid of annoying ads
Adblock Filterset.G Updater Synchronizes Adblock with Filterset.G
CustomizeGoogle Remove ads, Google tracking and much more!
DownThemAll! Mass Downloader
Foxmarks Synchronize bookmarks between machines
Greasemonkey User Script Manager
IE Tab Use embedded IE engine within Firefox
MinimizeToTray Keeps Firefox running in memory, in taskbar
No Squint Increases small text on websites and keeps the settings
StumbleUpon Toolbar Self Explanatory – I customize to use as little space possible

Of course I am always trying new ones as they come out and if I ever get time would like to create my own.

How about everyone else? What are some of your favorite extensions and why? I look forward to your feedback.