Keep Your Email Contacts Private

Personally I abhor receiving Forwards in my inbox. Not the important ones from my boss or ones that actually are useful in dealing with an issue. I am talking about the stupid jokes, “funny” pictures, chain emails, etc…

These emails clog up networks, inbox’s, and are a complete waste of time. However, if you feel you MUST forward on that “Get Free Vista Testing Our Email Tracker” SPAM, do your contacts a favor and KEEP THEM PRIVATE! Use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) feature which is built into most if not all email clients. Even your webmail has the BCC feature. This way you can be assured everyone gets that “Hilarious Top Ten List” but everyone does NOT get your address book.

This feature also is useful if you want to send maybe a PDF file to a Distribution Group at your office but do not want to show everyone’s email.


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