Using YouTube’s multiple formatting options, you can apply strike-through, bold, and italic styles to your comment text. This makes your comments stand out on the list, and we’ll show you how to do that from your desktop and your mobile phone.

You’ll use the same steps on both your desktop and your phone to format your comments.

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Strike-Through Comments on YouTube

With the strike-through option, you can add a line crossing out your comment text.

To use it, add a dash before and after your comment text. This will add the strike-through effect to your text.

For example, if you want to use strike-through for the following text:

This video could have been better

Type the comment as follows (notice the dash at the beginning and the end of the text):

-This video could have been better-

Your comment with the strike-through style will look like this:

Strike-through a YouTube comment.

And that’s it. You can use this formatting option for both single words as well as multiple sentences. Just make sure to keep your text around a dash.

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Bold Comments on YouTube

Bolding your comments increases the thickness of your text. To do this, you will put your comment text between an * (asterisk) sign.

For example, to bold the following piece of text:

This video is awesome

You’ll type the following in the YouTube comment box:

*This video is awesome*

And your bold comment will show up like this:

Bold a YouTube comment.

You’re done.

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Italics Comments on YouTube

Italicizing your comment text is as easy as italicizing in WhatsApp. To make your text italic, you’ll wrap the text around an _ (underscore).

To use this formatting option for the following text:

That is super cool

You’ll type the text like this:

_That is super cool_

And your output will look like this:

Italicize a YouTube comment.

And that’s it.

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Apply Multiple Styles to Your YouTube Comments at Once

You can use multiple formatting options on a single piece of text if you want. To do so, you’ll combine the characters for styling your text.

For example, to use the bold and italic formatting for the following text:

This text uses multiple formatting options

You’ll wrap the text around an asterisk and an underscore. Like so:

*_This text uses multiple formatting options_*

And your resulting comment will have all your styles applied to it:

Use multiple styles for a YouTube comment.

YouTube’s comment formatting options are really useful as they let you emphasize certain parts of your comments. This way you can draw people’s attention to certain words or sentences in your comments. Happy commenting on your favorite kinds of videos!

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