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Gaming mouse pads are the highest quality options on the market that can drastically improve your gaming experience or general use on the computer. Let’s find out what they offer and whether they’re worth it.

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What Does a Gaming Mouse Pads Do?

You probably already know that a mouse pad is a surface that allows you to use your mouse smoothly. So what makes a gaming mouse pad any different?

Generally, gaming mouse pads are some of the highest-quality options on the market. They come in either soft or hard materials, whichever suits your preference, and they eliminate friction completely. This allows you to glide your mouse smoothly around the pad, which provides an overall better experience with precise accuracy. You’ll feel more in control whether you’re gaming, doing work, or surfing the web.

Gaming mouse pads are also slip-resistant. You won’t have to worry about it moving out of place. They’re usually water-resistant also, which helps protect the material from accidental spills. It happens to all of us, so this is a great feature!

And since these pads are designed for gamers, they often have other features that appeal to them. For example, some Razer mouse pads come with RBG lighting. Many people love being able to customize lights around their gaming rig, so it’s the perfect addition. Other gaming pads such as one from Everlasting Comfort come with a separate wrist rest to provide ergonomic support for long hours.

Everlasting Comfort Gaming Mouse Pad

A large gaming mouse pad with 15 color modes and two brightness levels. Comes with a wrist rest.

If you’ve been using any old mouse pad from the shed for years, try upgrading to a gaming model. We guarantee that you’ll notice a huge difference. It’ll last you for years, even if you use it daily. Not only will your gaming experience improve, but using your computer will be more enjoyable. If you’re a gamer or use your computer frequently, don’t settle for anything less than a quality pad.

Accommodative Sizes

If you’ve ever browsed for gaming mouse pads, you might have seen that most of them are pretty big. HAVIT has a pad that’s about 39 inches long! However, this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of smaller gaming pads that will fit your setup perfectly. SteelSeries’ QcK ranges from small to 3XL, so you can choose a size that works for you.

You might be wondering, though, why are most of them so big? Do you need all that space to game or use the computer? The short answer is no.

Most people, especially gamers, benefit more from having a larger pad than a smaller one. Having a bigger pad gives you more freedom to move your mouse around. For example, you won’t have to worry about the cursor running off the edge. It’s also easier to make large movements without having to reset your mouse back to the center of the pad.

HAVIT Large Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

Beware! This extra-large mouse pad is 39.37 inches long. It might take up your entire desk.

For those with a smaller desk or setup, you can still benefit from a larger pad. You can roll it up or fold it so that it takes up less space, or just leave it hanging off your table. Even though this isn’t visually pleasing, you always have access to more of your pad’s surface when you need it.

You can also place your entire keyboard or laptop on top of the mouse pad, which is pretty common. Overall, it’s better to know that you can always use more of your mouse pad when you need it rather than being restricted by a smaller one.

Are They Worth It?

At the end of the day, mouse pads are still mouse pads. They’re not particularly advanced compared to other technology in today’s era, but that makes them affordable. You can get a fantastic gaming mouse pad for as low as $10, depending on the size, and it could last you for years to come.

We believe that gaming mouse pads are worth it, particularly because they can drastically improve your experience on the computer. Just be sure to give them a clean once in a while to maintain their performance.

The only real downside is that if you own a large pad, it’ll be harder to pack if you bring it with you everywhere. Gaming pads are usually thicker than regular ones, so they can take up a decent amount of space in a small bag. It may be a good idea to leave your large pad at home and get another smaller one for when you head out, such as HAVIT’s Non-Slip Rubber Base pad.

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