When you insert checkboxes in a spreadsheet, you may want to get a total count of those checked or unchecked. With a simple function and formula, you can tally your checkboxes in Google Sheets.

You might have a list of tasks with checkboxes for completion and want to know how many are done. Or you may use the checkboxes for a form and need to see how many are unchecked. Either way, using the COUNTIF function in Google Sheets you can get a total count easily.

Count Checkboxes in Google Sheets

When you use checkboxes in Google Sheets, they have default values of True if checked and False if unchecked. This is the indicator you include in the formula with the COUNTIF function.

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The COUNTIF function allows you to count values in cells based on criteria. The syntax is COUNTIF(cell_range, criteria) with both arguments required.

Select the cell where you want to display the count. This is where you enter the formula. As an example, we’ll the number of checked boxes in cells B1 through B12 and use this formula:


COUNTIF using True in Google Sheets

To count the number of unchecked boxes in that same cell range, you’d use this formula instead, changing TRUE to FALSE:


COUNTIF using False in Google Sheets

The formula updates the count automatically as you check or uncheck boxes. So you’ll always have that final tally.

Count Checkboxes When Using Validation

When you insert checkboxes in your sheet, you can use custom values for checked and unchecked. If this is something you set up, then you’ll use those values instead of the default True or False. Here, we’re using Yes for checked and No for unchecked boxes.

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Custom values for checkboxes in Google Sheets

To find the count of checked boxes in cells B1 through B12, you’d use this formula replacing the cell range and custom value with your own:


Note that the indicator YES is within quotes because it’s a custom value. Be sure to include your custom value within quotes as well.

COUNTIF using a custom value in Google Sheets

To find those unchecked boxes using our custom value, you’d use the following formula instead:


COUNTIF using a custom value in Google Sheets

If you have a sheet where you use several checkboxes and want to tally them in Google Sheets, keep this how-to in mind.

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