Does your browser need some holiday cheer? Then get ready to make it sparkle with these holiday themes from the Personas website.

Note: To use these themes you will need to have the Personas extension installed in Firefox (link provided below). Once you have that then you are ready to start having fun.

On to the Themes

We have pulled together some of our favorite holiday themes to help brighten up your browser and add some holiday cheer to your work week.

Snoopy Navidad

Thumpers Christmas

Mickeys Club Christmas

Linux Christmas

MrsD1989 – Green Xmas Tree

Golden stars

Merry Christmas Foxy

Happy Xmas


Snowman Christmas

Santa And Frosty Celebration

Merry Christmas – Little Frosties 02

Christmas Wish

Country Snowman

Christmas Tree Glitters

Simple Christmas

Snowflakes on blue sky

Winters Snow

BlueWhite Snowflake Border



This is just a sample of all the wonderful holiday themes that are available at the Personas website. No matter what your personal style may be there is something for everyone. Happy holidays!


Download the Personas extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the Personas extension (Extension Homepage)

Browse the Holiday Themes Section (Personas Website)

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