Nintendo Switch Groups Example

Nintendo added the ability to organize games into “Groups” with update 14.0.0 for the Switch. Groups does almost the same job as “Folders,” which the Nintendo 3DS had. Here’s how to organize your Switch collection.

How Groups Are Different from 3DS Folders

While they do a similar job, Switch Groups work a little differently from folders on the Nintendo 3DS. With the 3DS system, folders live on your Home Screen. Groups are accessed through the “All Software” option to the far right of the Switch Home Menu.

The other major difference is that, unlike folders, games can feature in multiple groups. So if you have a game that falls into multiple categories, (for example, “Racing” and “Retro”), you can simply add it to both groups. You can make up to 100 groups with as many as 200 games in each group.

How to Make Groups on Nintendo Switch

To make a group, start from the home menu on your Switch and scroll all the way to the right.

From the Switch Home Menu Scroll Right to All Software

At the far right of the screen, you’ll find “All Software,” select it.

Select "All Software"

On the “All Software” screen, press the “L” shoulder button to access groups.

Press the L Shoulder Button to Open Groups

The first time you do this, you’ll see this message telling you a little about groups. You can select the “Create Groups” button here to create your first group.

The first-time group creation popup

However, in the future when you’ve already created a group, you’ll have to press the “+” button on your controller from the Groups screen to create a new group like this.

Press the Plus button on the controller to create a new Group

From here, the process is identical. You’ll be shown a list of the games and other software you own.

Select Software to add to Switch group

Select every game you want to be part of the group. You can press the “R” shoulder button to change how games are filtered, and you can search for keywords in game titles, such as “Final Fantasy.”

Once you have all the games you want to group selected, use the “Next” button to proceed.

Select "Next."

The first three titles in your group are used for the group thumbnail. Arrange the games in your group in the order you prefer, keeping that in mind. Once you’re satisfied, select the “Next” button.

Arrange your games for the Switch Group

Now it’s time to name your group. It’s entirely up to you, so choose a name that reflects why these games are grouped together. Once you’re done, press the “+” button on your controller or select the “Done” button on the virtual keyboard.

Name Nintendo Switch Group

Now the group is saved and will appear with your other groups. You can press the “Y” button to sort your groups according to your needs.

Switch Group Created and Saved

If you want to add or remove games from a group, simply open it and press the “R” shoulder button to edit it.


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