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Ransomware attacks aimed at businesses have been on the rise, topping out at a staggering 68.5% of companies victimized in 2021. Even more alarming is that the average remediation costs for impacted businesses reached approximately $2 million as of 2020. In short, a single ransomware attack can bring devastation to any company, big or small. The good news is that there is a way to keep your business safe.

Ransomware’s Worst Enemy

The best defense against ransomware starts with a powerful cybersecurity solution. SafeDNS for businesses is a web filtering service that blocks harmful content, protects against ransomware attacks, and defends your guest Wi-Fi so that even your customers can browse without risk.

Best of all, SafeDNS doesn’t require any expensive hardware to get it up and running. All web filtering takes place in the cloud, thanks in large part to the company’s sophisticated AI technology and machine learning algorithms. This allows you to save money while adding powerful cybersecurity to your business.

Also worth noting: SafeDNS meets modern internet usage policy standards, and it’s compliant with all CIPA, BPjM, IWF, and HIPAA regulations.

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Mount a Triple-Threat Defense Against Ransomware

SafeDNS’ first line of defense is DNS-based web filtering. This feature is designed to block unwanted content from reaching the devices on your network. This can include specific websites, web-based services, and even adult content that’s unfit for the workplace. In doing so, SafeDNS can help your company preserve bandwidth, monitor your employees’ internet behaviors, and improve productivity.

The second line of defense is SafeDNS’ cybersecurity capabilities. Once enabled, the service can thwart a wide range of threats, including adware, malware, spyware, botnets, phishing attempts, proxies, and even annoying spam. This allows employees to worry less about data security and focus more on productivity.

SafeDNS’ third line of defense is in the way it protects your guest Wi-Fi network. While most free public Wi-Fi connections are vulnerable to bad actors, your SafeDNS-enabled guest network can take advantage of all the features and benefits listed above. As a result, your customers can access the internet at your business freely without compromising their devices or putting their personal information at risk.

Get Started With SafeDNS for Free

Right now, our readers can activate a 15-day free trial of SafeDNS for businesses by signing up at this link. This offer will not expire, so feel free to give it a spin at any time. If you enjoy the service, you can sign up for a SafeDNS subscription starting at $150 a year.

SafeDNS offers more than robust network protection for businesses. They also provide cloud-based web filtering for homes, schools, non-profits, and other establishments. For more information, visit the official SafeDNS website here.

SafeDNS for Businesses

SafeDNS for businesses is a web filtering service that blocks harmful content, prevents ransomware attacks, and safeguards the guest Wi-Fi on your network.


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