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With concatenation, you can merge two or more values from multiple cells into a single cell in your spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel offers two different ways to perform this task, and we’ll show you how to use those two methods.

Concatenate Using an Ampersand in Excel

A quick way to join two or more values together is by using the “&” (ampersand) operator. You specify the values you want to join with this sign, and Excel puts all your selected values in a single cell.

To use this method, first, launch your spreadsheet with Excel. Then select the cell in which you want to concatenate values.

To join two or more values by typing them, use the formula as follows. Here, replace Mahesh and Makvana with the terms you want to join.


Enter the values to join.

You can also take values from your cells and join them. To do so, use the following formula. Here, replace B2 and C2 with the cell references you want to use.


Enter cell references to join.

You’ll notice that Excel doesn’t add a space between two values. You will have to add that space manually, and to do that, use the formula as below:

=B2&" "&C2

Join and separate cell references by a space.

And that’s how you bring values from multiple cells together in a single cell.

Concatenation with "&" in Excel.

Happy joining!

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