Google Forms Embedded Response Chart

When you use Google Forms for surveys and other types of forms, viewing responses is important. If you have a document in Google Docs or Slides where you want to share those responses, you can simply embed the response chart.

The responses in Google Forms come in a variety of forms. You may have a pie chart or a bar graph, depending on the question type. You can choose which chart to embed and by doing so, you can update it as you receive more responses. This means the response chart is always up to date in your document or presentation.

Copy the Google Forms Response Chart

Visit Google Forms, sign in, and open the form you want to use. Go to the Responses tab at the top of the form.

You’ll see the responses for each question in the form of a chart. Click the Copy icon on the top right corner.

Copy a Google Forms response chart

This places the chart on your clipboard allowing you to paste it in Google Docs or Google Slides.

Paste the Response Chart

In your document or your presentation, place your cursor where you want to embed the Google Forms response chart.

Either right-click or choose Edit from the menu and pick “Paste.”

Edit, Paste in Google Docs

You’ll see a pop-up window asking if you’d like to paste the chart with a link to the form or paste it unlinked. If you plan to update the chart as you continue to receive responses, choose Link to Form and click “Paste.”

Chart pasting options in Docs and Slides

If you select Paste Unlinked, this will embed the chart as a snapshot of its current view. You will not be able to update it without removing it and inserting a new chart.

Update the Chart in Docs or Slides

As you receive new responses in Google Forms, you’ll have the option to update the chart in Google Docs or Slides. You can do this one of two ways.

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Use the Update Button

If you have a shorter document or only one chart, you can select the chart and click “Update” on the top right corner.

Update chart button

If you don’t see the Update button then there is no update to the chart at that time.

Use the Linked Objects Sidebar

If you have a lengthier document or several charts, you can manage the updates in a sidebar. Go to Tools > Linked Objects to open it.

Tools, Linked Objects in Docs and Slides

You should then see the charts linked to your Google Form. If an update is available, you can click “Update” next to the form. Alternatively, click “Update All” at the bottom to take care of all charts at once.

Linked Objects sidebar

For a quick and easy way to share Google Forms responses in your Google Docs or Google Slides document, use this tip to embed your response chart. You might also take a look at how to automatically attach a Google Form to Google Sheets.

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