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If you realize you shouldn’t have liked or reacted to a post, Facebook makes it easy to remove your likes and reactions. You can do this from both the posts page as well as the activity log. Here’s how.

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How to Unlike a Post From the Post Page

A quick and easy way to unlike a post is to access the post page and select your like or reaction. This works the same way on both desktop and mobile.

To use this method, first, access the post from which you want to remove your like or reaction on Facebook.

Once you find the post, click your like or reaction.

Select the current like or reaction.

And Facebook will immediately remove your like or reaction from that post.

Like or reaction removed from the post.

You’re all done.

How to Delete a Like or Reaction From Activity Log

If you can’t find the post that you want to unlike or remove your reaction from, use Facebook’s activity log to find all your liked and reacted posts in a single place. Here’s how to do that on both desktop and mobile.

Undo Likes From Desktop

If you’re on desktop, launch a web browser and open Facebook. Then, in the site’s top-right corner, click the down-arrow icon.

From the menu that opens, choose “Settings & Privacy.”

Select "Settings & Privacy" in the menu.

In “Settings & Privacy,” click “Activity Log.”

Choose "Activity Log."

In the sidebar on the left, click Interactions > Likes and Reactions.

Select Interactions > Likes and Reactions on the left.

In the pane on the right, you will see all the posts that you’ve liked or reacted to, with the most recent post appearing at the top.

Here, find the post from which you want to remove your like. Then, next to that post, click the three dots.

Select the three dots next to a post.

To remove your like from the post, then in the three-dots menu, click “Unlike.” To remove your reaction from the post, choose “Remove Reaction.”

Choose "Remove Reaction" from the menu.

And Facebook will unlike (or remove reaction) from your selected post. You’re done.

Delete Likes From Mobile

If you’re on a mobile phone, launch the Facebook app and sign in to your account.

In Facebook, tap the three horizontal lines. On an iPhone or iPad, you’ll find these lines at the bottom-right corner. On Android, these lines are displayed at the top-right corner.

Select the three horizontal lines.

Scroll the “Menu” page that opens to the bottom. There, tap Settings & Privacy > Settings.

Select Settings & Privacy > Settings.

On the “Settings & Privacy” page, in the “Your Information” section, tap “Activity Log.”

Select "Activity Log."

In “Activity Log,” tap Interactions > Likes and Reactions.

Access Interactions > Likes and Reactions.

You’ll see all the posts that you’ve liked or reacted to. Here, find the post from which you want to delete your like or reaction. Then, next to the post, tap the three dots.

Tap the three dots next to a post.

To delete your like, tap “Unlike.” To remove your reaction from the post, select “Remove Reaction.”

Tap "Remove Reaction."

And your like or reaction from the selected post will be removed. Enjoy!

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