Apple Mac Studio and Studio Display

Apple is releasing the new Studio Display monitor, much to the excitement of Mac fans. But can the high-end monitor work on Windows PCs? According to Apple, yes it can.

Officially, Apple’s website cites compatibility with a slew of Mac and iPads, but it doesn’t mention Windows PCs. In fact, the company’s site says, “Studio Display camera features and firmware updates require connection to a Mac.” That leads to the impression that you’ll need a Mac to get firmware updates for the monitor, or even that it won’t work at all without connection to one of Apple’s computers.

However, the company told The Verge that the monitor will work with just fine Windows PCs, including the webcam and speakers, though you will need a Mac to get updates.

The webcam should function like any other USB camera when plugged into a Windows PC. However, as you might expect, Center Stage won’t function on Windows. As that’s a feature specific to Apple devices, that makes sense. Spatial Audio and “Hey Siri” also won’t work, as those are Apple-specific functions.

The resolution is another question, and Apple pointed out that not all devices will be able to output at the 5K 60Hz specs supported by the Studio Display.

Basically, hooking the Studio Display to Windows will turn it onto a regular monitor with speakers and a webcam (though it’s a really nice monitor with speakers and a webcam). Is it worth spending $1,599 for a nice monitor? That’s for you to decide, but at least you have the option.

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