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Google loves its Pixel Feature Drops, and the latest one brings some exciting features to the devices. Perhaps most interesting is the inclusion of live captions during a phone call, so you can read your conversations as you go.

“For people who can’t or prefer not to speak on calls, there’s a new way to communicate with Live Caption. Now when you’re on a phone call, you can see captions of what the other person says and type back a response that will be read out loud on the other end,” said Google in a blog post.

There are plenty of situations where this could be useful. Perhaps you receive an emergency call while in a meeting, and you can’t listen. Maybe you’re hard of hearing, but someone can’t communicate with you through text for some reason. However you plan to use it, it’s definitely a useful new feature for Pixel phones.

Google is also adding a new feature for Snapchat users that lets them take advantage of Night Sight while using the popular app.

Gboard can convert your words into colorful stickers built with your text when typing. You’ll get emoji, emoji kitchen, and custom sticker suggestions while you type.

Pixel devices are also receiving new widgets. At a Glance on Pixel gives you the information your phone thinks you’re most likely to need at that exact moment. There’s also a Pixel battery widget that shows the phone’s battery and any Bluetooth devices connected.

The features are rolling out to Pixel 3a through Pixel 5a (5G) devices today, and Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices will begin receiving their updates later this month.

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