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Cloud gaming keeps growing, and Microsoft is one of the leaders in the space. The company is looking to appeal to hardcore gamers by adding support for mouse and keyboard to its cloud gaming service, though it isn’t clear exactly when.

Microsoft Flight Simulator lead Jorg Neumann spoke in a video Q&A about the future of the game, and one of the questions that came up was mouse and keyboard support for the game in Xbox Cloud Gaming.

“This is a platform level support, so it has nothing to do with us, obviously mouse/keyboard works for our sim. So the platform team is working on this, and no I can’t give a date because it’s the platform team. I don’t know their dates, but it’s coming, and we are also talking about making touch work,” said Neumann in the video (Via The Verge).

The key is that it has to be done on the platform level, but it requires each game to support the control method to work. If a game is only programmed for a gamepad, you’re not going to suddenly be able to play it with a mouse and keyboard just because support is coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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While he doesn’t provide an exact timetable, Neumann did elaborate a bit and say, “I would say it’s in the next months, it’s not weeks, and it might be… I’m hoping it will be done by June or so, but I can’t ever tell. Everybody wants it, I want it, and so… it’s coming.”

Microsoft hasn’t commented on the feature or when it’ll arrive. However, considering Microsoft Flight Simulator is made by, well, Microsoft, Jorg Neumann is a reasonably reliable source.

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