Steam Deck compatibility levels

The Steam Deck is set to launch soon. Valve is testing every game on the Steam library to get ready for the release to see which games will work with the company’s portable PC. It has made it easy to look at the games you currently own and see which ones you can take on the go.

To find out which games you can run on Steam Deck, you need to visit the Your Library on Deck page.

Once there, scroll down a bit and click “Sign In.”

Steam Deck login screen

From there, you’ll need to enter your Steam login information and go through the two-factor authentication process (if you have it enabled on your account).

Steam Deck games login page

Once logged in, you’ll see your Steam library broken up into a few categories. At the top is “Deck Verified Games From Your Library.” Below is “Deck Playable Games From Your Library.” Next is “Unsupported Deck Games From Your Library.” Finally, you’ll find “Untested Deck Games From Your Library.”

Steam Deck compatible games

Verified games have been thoroughly tested by Valve to run properly on the Steam Deck with no extra interaction on your part. Playable games will work but might require extra effort on your part. Unsupported games won’t work at all. Lastly, untested games are those Valve hasn’t tried yet, which means you’ll have to try them yourself to see.

Valve says it “is reviewing the entire Steam catalog on Deck,” so more games will be added to each section as the company can put them through their paces (there are a lot of games on Steam).

There are a few reasons games won’t run on the Steam Deck. Some could be compatibility issues with Proton and SteamOS. For others, could be an issue with the controls. For example, a game could be completely built for a mouse and keyboard, making playing it on Steam Deck impossible.

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