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Spotify is making it easier to listen to music in your car with its new Car Thing gadget. The $90 device is officially available to all Spotify members after a brief test period where only certain Spotify users could get one.

Basically, Car Thing is a smart player designed to create a better in-car listening experience for vehicles that don’t have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

In a blog post, Spotify described the device. It said, “Car Thing enables listeners to play their favorite music, and podcasts quickly using “Hey Spotify” voice commands, as well as simple taps, turns, and swipes—allowing listeners to start playing that hit song or the latest podcast episode before they pull out of the driveway.”

You’ll need a phone running Spotify for the device to work. Car Thing serves as a controller that lets you keep your eyes on the road while you manipulate your music through voice commands or with its larger buttons. You also need to have a Spotify Premium account to enjoy the features offered by the $90 device.

Car Thing comes with everything you need to mount it to your car. It also comes with a power adapter, as it needs to be plugged in at all times to work (it doesn’t have a battery).

The device will receive updates in the future, including a night mode and the ability to add songs to the queue quickly.

It’ll be interesting to see if something like this catches on to mainstream Spotify users. It seems like a niche device, but it could be a much better way to enjoy their music and podcasts while driving for people with older cars.

Spotify Car Thing

You can get the Car Thing now for $90.

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