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It’s easy to make a PDF file but editing one requires special tools. If you’re looking to add or remove text, insert images, or make any other changes to your PDF files, here are your editing options.

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Which Method Should You Use to Edit Your PDF?

Depending on your editing needs, choose an appropriate method in this guide.

If your PDF file doesn’t contain many images, charts, or formatting, use Microsoft Word to edit your file. This is because your PDF’s original formatting might get lost when you launch it in Word. Normal PDFs with largely only text content will work just fine.

Another way to edit PDFs is to use the Microsoft Edge browser. If you want to annotate your file by adding text, drawings, and highlights, this is the best free way to do so.

If your PDF doesn’t contain sensitive information, then you don’t even need to install a tool to edit your PDF file. Simply head over to an online PDF editor site, upload your PDF, and make whatever changes you want to your file.

And, if you’re a Mac user, you can use the built-in Preview app to make several types of changes to your file. Just load your PDF in Preview and select one of the many options from the toolbar at the top.

Edit a PDF Using Microsoft Word

If you aren’t too worried about maintaining your PDF’s formatting, or your PDF mainly only contains text content, then use Microsoft Word to make changes to your file. This method works in Word’s mobile app, too, but not in the web version.

To do so, first, launch Word on your computer and choose Open > Browse. Locate your PDF and select it to open it in Word.

Select Open > Browse in Word.

Before your PDF opens, Word will display a warning saying that you might lose some of your PDF’s original formatting. If you’re okay with this, click “OK” in the prompt.

Hit "OK" in the prompt.

You’ll now see an editable version of your PDF on the Word window. At the top of the window, click “Enable Editing” followed by “OK” to start editing your file.

Select "Enable Editing" at the top.

To change or edit text, select the existing text and perform the intended task. Similarly, to remove an image, choose the image and press Delete on your keyboard. Feel free to make any changes you want.

Edit PDF in Word.

When you’ve finished making the changes, save the file as a PDF. To do that, in Word’s top-left corner, click “File.”

Select "File" at the top-left corner.

On the screen that opens, choose Save As > Browse.

Select Save As > Browse.

In the “Save As” window, select a folder to save your file in. Click the “File Name” field and type a name for your edited PDF. Click the “Save as Type” drop-down menu and choose “PDF.”

Then save your PDF by clicking “Save” at the bottom.

Save the edited PDF.

Your edited PDF is now available in your chosen folder. You’re all set.

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Modify a PDF With Microsoft Edge

If you’re only looking to add text, drawings, or highlights to your PDF, use Microsoft’s Edge browser to do that.

Start by opening your PDF with Edge. To do so, locate your PDF in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). Then right-click your PDF and choose Open With > Microsoft Edge.

When your PDF opens in Edge, at the top of the PDF preview, you will see various editing options. These options include:

  • Add Text: To add a new text string to your PDF, select this option.
  • Draw: To draw lines in various colors and thickness levels, choose this option.
  • Highlight: For highlighting items in various colors, select this option.
  • Erase: To remove any changes you’ve made to your PDF, use this eraser.

Edit PDF in Edge.

When you’ve made the intended changes to your PDF, save the file by clicking “Save” (a floppy disk icon) in the top-right corner. If you’d like to save the edited PDF as a separate file, then choose the “Save As” option (an icon of a floppy disk with a pencil).

Select "Save" or "Save As."

And you’re all set.

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Edit a PDF Online

If your PDF doesn’t contain sensitive information, and you’re happy to upload it to a site without privacy concerns, an online PDF editor is the best option for you. With such an editor, you can make several types of changes to your file, all from your web browser.

The popular online PDF editors include Smallpdf, Sejda, iLovePDF, among others. We’ll show you how to use Sejda to edit your file in this guide. You can use this method on mobile as well.

Start by launching your favorite web browser and opening the Sejda site. On the site, upload your file by clicking “Upload PDF File.”

Choose "Upload PDF File."

Once your PDF is uploaded, the site will open its editor. At the top of the editor, you have all the available ways to edit your PDF file. You can use these options to add text, links, images, signs, annotations, and more to your file.

Feel free to make any changes you want to your PDF.

Edit PDF with Sejda.

Once your changes are made, at the bottom of the PDF preview, click “Apply Changes.”

Select "Apply Changes" at the bottom.

You’ll see a “Your Document is Ready” screen. Here, download your edited PDF file by clicking the “Download” button.

Your edited PDF is now available on your computer, and you’re all done.

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