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If you were hoping to lock in a discount on Amazon Prime as a new member, you’ve officially waited too long, as the price of Amazon’s subscription service has increased to $139 per year.

Amazon bumped the price of Amazon prime up by $20 for new subscribers starting today, February 18, 2022. While it’s unfortunate to have to pay more for something you rely on, the company did give plenty of notice that a price increase was on the horizon, which gave new subscribers enough time to jump in and lock in the lower price.

For monthly Prime subscribers, the price went from $12.99 to $14.99, so there’s a pretty noticeable increase there as well. Students will have to shell out a little extra cash for Prime, too, as the price went from $6.49 to $7.49. EBT and government assistance recipients will see the price jump to $6.99 per month, so the increase is definitely hitting the wallet of all Prime subscribers.

If you’re a current Prime member scheduled to renew, the price will remain $119 until March 26, 2022, at which time you’ll also have to pay the new $139 per year price.

If you want to see all of the information directly from Amazon, you can check out the company’s support page and get a detailed breakdown of the price increase.

Even though the price is going up, Amazon hasn’t announced any new features or benefits coming to Prime, so this seems purely like a case of the company battling inflation and the rising cost of doing business. Of course, if you’ve decided that the price of Prime has exceeded your comfort zone, you can cancel Prime easily enough.

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