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The latest Windows Insider build, which is called Build 22557, features some incredible changes that give us a positive outlook on what to expect from Windows 11’s future. One such feature is the return of dragging and dropping files to the taskbar, which was sorely missing from Windows 11 at launch.

In Windows 10, you could drag a file over an app icon to bring that app to the front and use the file in the associated app. For example, you could drag a file to the Outlook icon to attach it to an email. This feature was missing from Windows 11 at launch, forcing users to relearn how they navigate around their OS.

Additionally, you can drag and drop apps from Start’s All apps list to the taskbar, giving you a quicker way to get to the apps you use all the time. Before, you’d have to right-click an app and add it that way, which was an extra step from the way things worked in Windows 10.

Finally, these features are returning to Windows 11, though it’s currently featured in a build in the Dev channel, which means it’ll take some time before we actually see it in the final Windows 11 release. But, at least we can all take solace in the fact that the features are in the works.

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