Can’t find a comment you left on a video on YouTube? If so, don’t worry as YouTube makes it easy to find all the comments you’ve ever posted on the platform. Here’s how to view your comments on desktop and mobile.

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See Your YouTube Comments on Desktop or Mobile

The steps to view your YouTube comment history are the same for both desktop and mobile. First, open a web browser on your desktop or mobile phone and launch the YouTube Comment History site. If you haven’t already, log in to your account on the site.

Once you’re logged in, you will see a “YouTube Comments” page displaying all of the comments you’ve ever posted on YouTube videos.

Your most recent comment appears at the top, and you can view more comments by scrolling down the page.

YouTube comments history.

If you want to delete a comment, then you can do so by clicking “X” in that comment’s top-right corner. Know that YouTube will take a few hours to fully remove your comment from the video.

Tip: To quickly restore a comment after you’ve deleted it, then in the “Deleting Now” prompt that opens, click “Cancel.”

Select "X" in the comment's top-right corner.

To edit the contents of your comment, then next to the “Commented On” text, click the YouTube video link to go to the video page.

Select the link next to "Commented On."

On the video page, your comment will be highlighted at the top. To edit it, next to the comment, tap the three dots and choose “Edit.”

Change the contents of your comment, then save changes by clicking “Save.”

And that’s how you find, edit, and delete your comments on the popular video hosting site. We hope this helps you.

While browsing through comments, if you ever come across a suspicious comment, you can report it to YouTube for the platform to review and take action against it.

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