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With a read-only Discord channel, you can ensure only you can post messages in that channel and others can only see them. It’s easy to turn any channel on your server read-only, and we’ll show you how.

To make a channel read-only, you basically disable the permission for sending messages for all users on the channel. You can modify this permission on a role basis as well if you want.

This is a really useful feature for channels where you make announcements and/or list down your server rules. Typically, these kinds of channels don’t require any input from the server members.

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Set a Discord Channel to Be Read-Only on Desktop

If you’re on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, use the Discord desktop app or Discord for the web to make your channel read-only.

To start the process, open Discord on your computer. In Discord’s left sidebar, select the server in which your channel is located.

Select a server from the left sidebar.

On the server page, hover over the channel you want to make read-only. Then, next to the channel name, click “Edit Channel” (a gear icon).

In the left sidebar, click “Permissions.”

Choose "Permissions" from the left sidebar.

Click the “Advanced Permissions” section on the right, and in the “Roles/Members” field, choose who you want to disallow from posting messages in your channel. We’ll select “@everyone.”

Select a role from the "Roles/Members" section.

Scroll down the “Advanced Permissions” section and find the “Send Messages” option. Then, next to this option, click the “X” icon. This removes the ability to post messages from all users in the channel.

Save your changes by clicking “Save Changes” at the bottom.

And your chosen Discord channel is now read-only. Others can view the content of this channel but only you can send new messages in it. Enjoy!

You can further customize the experience for your members by adding custom emoji to your Discord server.

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Make a Read-Only Discord Channel on Mobile

To prevent users from sending messages to a specific channel, first, launch the Discord app on your phone.

In Discord’s left sidebar, select the server in which your channel is located. Then tap and hold on the channel.

Tap and hold on a channel.

In the menu that pops up, tap “Edit Channel.”

Choose "Edit Channel" from the menu.

On the “Channel Settings” page, tap “Permissions.”

Select the "Permissions" option.

In the “Roles” section, choose who you want to prevent from sending messages to your channel. We’ll select “@everyone” so nobody can post messages.

Tap a role in the "Roles" section.

On the next page, find the “Send Messages” option and tap “X” next to it. Then save your changes by tapping the the save button (a floppy disk icon) in the bottom-right corner.

Enjoy making announcements and posting any content you want without anyone’s interruption!

To make things even easier, add a bot to your server and a lot of your tasks will be automated. There are plenty of Discord bots that you can choose from.

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