YouTube TV subscribers with an iPhone are in for a treat, as the internet TV service is set to finally receive support for picture-in-picture on Apple’s smartphone, so you can watch TV while you do other things.

On the latest episode of The Vergecast, YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan said that PiP will arrive on YouTube TV on iPhone “hopefully in the next few months.” Unfortunately, he didn’t get overly specific, so it’s hard to know exactly when the feature will arrive.

For Android users, the ability to watch YouTube TV in PiP has been available for some time, making the feature even more anticipated for iPhone users.

Outside of PiP, Mohan talked about other YouTube TV features that will arrive in the future. The big thing he revealed is that Surround sound will start rolling out to more devices.

During the podcast, Mohan said, “The rollout of that feature has certainly been a lot slower than I would’ve liked. My hope though is, hopefully over the next six months, you start to see that in a lot more devices out there as they go through their various stages of software upgrade cycles. I think that if we’re chatting in six months, that situation should be dramatically better.”

It seems that Google has plans to make YouTube TV better, which is great because it’s a service a lot of people pay for, and new features make the expense easier to swallow.

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