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A Windows 11 tester did some digging and found a bunch of hidden features in the latest Windows 11 Insider build, including one that may show how eco-friendly your computer is. These features haven’t been officially announced, but hopefully, they will become official soon.

Twitter user Albacore discovered the hidden Windows 11 features. There’s a sustainability section hidden in Windows 11, and it offers an eco score for your computer. We don’t have many details on this feature yet, as it’s not even fully live in Albacore’s build.

Also in the sustainability section are recommendations for energy-saving and device recyclability, which will help you make your PC better for the environment.

Also tucked into this new Windows 11 build is a new feature that lets you put stickers on your desktop. This could be an interesting way to customize your desktop, though we’ll have to wait until the feature fully launches to see how useful it is.

Because the feature only seems to work on one monitor and there are mentions of education policies about it, it’s possible this feature could only work in Windows 11 SE.

Finally, there’s a possible reference to a tablet mode (or simply using the PC as a tablet more effectively). There’s a tooltip that reads, “Automatically hide the taskbar when using your device as a tablet.” If there ends up being other references to using the computer as a tablet, it’s possible we could see tablet mode come back in Windows 11.

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