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The internet is a scary place with all kinds of exploits that can cause serious harm to your devices. Microsoft knows this, and it has released a new mode for Edge that provides another layer of security to protect you from these issues.

To take advantage of the new browsing mode, you’ll need to make sure you’ve updated Edge to version 98.0.1108.43. Once updated, you’ll need to enable a group policy to get it up and running. Group Policy isn’t designed for home users, so it’s only available on Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise versions of Windows.

“Enhance your security on the web. This is a browsing mode in Microsoft Edge where browser security takes priority, giving users an extra layer of protection when browsing the web,” reads the patch notes.

Basically, when this mode is turned on, it helps protect against in-the-wild exploits (also known as zero-days), which means you’ll have an extra layer of protection between you and any unfixed exploits. It’s not a mode that everyone will want to use, but it’s something to consider if you’re among the more security-conscious.

Microsoft has a detailed breakdown of the policy and how to enable it. You will need to have administrative privileges and be on Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise to turn it on.

This version of Edge also adds personalized multi-profile experiences. You can set Edge to change profiles automatically when you visit certain websites, which is an excellent convenience to have.

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