Many things are easy and obvious on Apple devices. But every so often you come across something that isn’t. If you want to mark all your emails as read on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and clear those indicators, here’s how.

Whether you have a mailbox full of unread messages or just a group that you want to mark as read, you can do both in the Mail app on your Apple device.

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Mark All Emails as Read on iPhone and iPad

If you’re someone who reads the important emails and leaves the others unread, you can mark them all as read in a few taps.

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Open the mailbox in the Mail app on iPhone or iPad or choose “All Inboxes” to take care of all your mailboxes at once. You can also pick a specific folder. Tap “Edit” on the top right and “Select All” on the top left.

On the bottom left, tap “Mark” and select “Mark as Read.”

Select all emails to mark as read on iPhone

Mark a Group of Emails as Read on Mobile

Maybe you have just a group of emails that you want to mark. They might be newsletters, promotional emails, or confirmation messages.

Open the mailbox or folder in the Mail app and tap “Edit” on the top right.

Now, you can select each message one at a time if they aren’t adjacent to each other. Or, to select a range of emails that are next to each other, drag your finger through them to mark them all quickly.

Then, tap “Mark” on the bottom left and select “Mark as Read.”

Selected group of messages to mark as read on iPhone

You can also use the Search feature to find particular emails and mark messages as read the same way.

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Mark All Emails as Read on Mac

It’s just as easy to mark all emails read in the Mail app on Mac.

Open Mail and either select the specific Mailbox or choose “All Mailboxes” to mark emails in every Mailbox at the same time. You can also pick a certain folder in a Mailbox.

Then, right-click, hold Control and click, or go to Mailbox in the menu bar. Select “Mark All Messages as Read.”

Mailbox selected to mark all emails as read on Mac

Mark a Group of Emails as Read on Mac

Just like on iPhone or iPad, you may have a group of emails on Mac that you want to mark as read.

Select the Mailbox or folder and then choose the messages. You can select nonadjacent messages by holding Control as you click each one or a group of adjacent messages by selecting the first, holding Shift, and selecting the last.

Then, right-click or go to Message in the menu bar and choose “Mark as Read.”

Selected group of messages to mark as read on Mac

You can also use the Search box at the top to find certain emails and mark them as read the same way.

Once you clear those unread indicators in your inbox or badge on the Mail icon, you can start fresh with new messages.

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