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If you’re participating in a group or one-on-one chat in Microsoft Teams that you no longer want to be a part of, you can delete it. There are some limitations to deleting Teams chats, though, as we’ll outline below.

Maybe the conversation is a quick, short-term chat that you finished. If you don’t want to participate anymore, won’t need any important items from the conversation, and simply want it out of your chat list, deleting it is easy.

About Deleting Teams Chats

When you delete a chat in Microsoft Teams, whether a group or individual chat, here are several things to keep in mind.

  • A chat you delete is removed from all of your devices and is no longer searchable.
  • A chat you delete will remain for the other participant(s).
  • The chat participant(s) will see you’ve left the conversation but not know you deleted it.
  • If there are attached files or links in the chat, these will also remain for the other participant(s).
  • If a participant re-adds you to the chat, you’ll see that conversation history again.
  • If you start a new chat with the participant, you’ll see a new conversation. However, the other person will see the entire history of the previous chat.

Importantly, Microsoft only provides the ability to delete chats in Teams for personal and small business accounts. If you use Teams for work or school, take a look at how to hide chats from your list.

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Delete a Chat in the Teams Desktop and Web App

You can delete a chat in the Microsoft Teams desktop application and web app the same way.

Select the Chat tab on the left side and choose the conversation from the chat list. Hover your cursor over the chat you want to delete and click the three dots that appear for More Options. Click “Delete Chat.”

More Options for a chat, Delete Chat

Confirm that you want to remove the chat by clicking “Yes, Delete.”

Confirm deleting the chat

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Delete a Teams Chat in the Mobile App

You can also delete a chat in the Microsoft Teams mobile app on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Select the Chat tab at the bottom of the app and pick the conversation. On Android, tap and hold the chat. On iPhone and iPad, swipe the chat from right to left and tap “More.”

Select the chat to delete on the Chat tab

Select “Delete” and confirm by tapping “OK” (Android) or “Yes” (iPhone and iPad).

Delete the chat and confirm

Deleting a chat in Microsoft Teams is simple for personal and small business accounts. So if you want to keep your chat list neat and tidy, remove those conversations that are over.

For more, check out how to turn off read receipts in Microsoft Teams.

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