NordVPN and SurfShark merger

Two giant VPN providers, NordVPN and SurfShark, are merging to become one colossal VPN supplier. Apparently, the two companies spent months negotiating. However, the final details, such as price and who controls how much, weren’t announced.

In a blog post on NordVPN’s site, Carlos Martinez of NordVPN said, “Nord Security, a leader in the digital privacy and security field, and Surfshark, a fast-growing consumer cybersecurity company, joined forces to strengthen their industry positioning.”

The two companies have long been rivals in the VPN space, so the two coming together makes them a powerful force in the VPN space. “This merger will mark the beginning of the largest internet security and privacy powerhouse, help both companies to align on a strategic level, better satisfy the needs of our customers, and prepare for future challenges,” said Martinez.

Interestingly, while the two companies are merging, they intend to keep them as separate brands. According to NordVPN, “Both brands will continue to operate independently, serving their customers and improving their own products.”

However, they will consolidate their resources and work together, which is good for users of both brands.

It appears that the agreement starts now. The process began in mid-2021, so it definitely took some time for both brands to come to an agreement.

If you’re a NordVPN or SurfShark user, nothing should change for you for the time being. You can continue using your VPN of choice without worrying about anything, at least for now. If something does change, and you’re not happy with NordVPN or SurfShark, make sure to check out our Best VPN list and choose the one that’s right for you.

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