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Everyone has been obsessed with Wordle lately. However, that obsession may have turned to apprehension when it was purchased by The New York Times. Fear not, though, because you can download the original Wordle through your browser and keep it free no matter what NYT decides to do with it.

If you want to make sure you can keep playing Wordle for free every single day of the week, even if The New York Times decides to put it behind a paywall, it couldn’t be simpler—you just need to right-click on the Wordle webpage and click “Save As.”

It’s literally that easy! Aaron Rieke pointed out the option to save Wordle to your computer on Twitter, and it’s incredible how well it works.

Even though you’re playing Wordle offline, it still has all the puzzles, cycles to the correct one each day, and even lets you share your scores and results with friends so you can keep your competitions alive.

Unfortunately, you’ll be starting from scratch in terms of your progress, just as you would if you decided to switch from playing Wordle on your phone to your computer. However, you can start a new streak, which is excellent.

Hopefully, when The New York Times notices everyone switching to offline play, the company will realize that it just makes more sense to keep Wordle functioning online for free. It could still monetize the game through ads or additional features for subscribers.

We’ll see what happens, but in the meantime, you can definitely save Wordle for offline play and not have to worry about running out of puzzles for a very, very long time. Of course, we expect NYT to do more than just host the original game behind a paywall, so the offline version will miss out on any new feature the company decides to add.

Does this constitute copyright infringement, as some have speculated? Don’t ask us, we’re not lawyers. We don’t think there’s a problem with saving any type of web page for use offline. Just don’t put Wordle up on BitTorrent and start seeding it.

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