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Microsoft has launched a preview of its new Trello competitor to everyone, but only the first 200,000 people to sign up can try the app preview for free. If you’re interested, you need to sign up quickly!

“We would love for you to participate. Start by creating and sharing lists with your work colleagues, partners, your soccer team, or your neighborhood volunteer groups. We’ve designed the app off the core of Microsoft Lists, plus introduce new experiences like tabbed views, sharing from within a Person column, add images inline, and more,” said Microsoft in a blog post announcing the Lists preview.

To sign up, you’ll need to have a Microsoft account, and you’ll need to get in before Microsoft closes the registration.

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As far as what you can do with Lists, Microsoft suggests things like job applications, employee onboarding, house or apartment hunting, charitable donations, vacation planning, and just about anything else that could benefit from some extra organization.

Previously, Lists was only available to Enterprise and Business accounts, so it’s nice to see Microsoft opening it up to regular users.

It’s important to note that the preview of Lists isn’t feature-complete, so there will be some other goodies added when the final version releases (though Microsoft didn’t say when that would be).

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