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People have a lot of different opinions on whether you should use a case on your phone or not. I’m not here to tell you to use a case. No, you should be using multiple cases. Allow me to explain.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely in one of two camps when it comes to case usage. You either have a single case that’s on your phone 24/7 or no case at all. There are arguments to be made for both sides, but I think they’re missing something: variety.

Match Your Situation

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You probably have a pair of shoes for average day-to-day life, some athletic shoes, a nice pair for dressing up, and maybe some boots for inclement weather. You can do the same thing with your phone case.

You can treat your phone the same way. Sure, use your plain black silicone case most of the time, but don’t be afraid to break out the classy leather for date night. Your phone is just another accessory. It’s an extension of you, so make it reflect that.

Cases can also be genuinely useful for certain situations. If you’re going on a hiking trip you can add some extra protection without needing a special “rugged phone.” Spending the day at the beach? Even an IP68-rated phone could use a little more insurance.

The idea is you change a lot of things to match the situation you’re in, so why not your phone case? And by the way, case-less could be your “default” mode, but keep a case around for certain times.

Match Your Style

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I have a casual athletic watch band for day-to-day life and a nice leather band for when I want to look a little spiffier. In a similar fashion, you can match your phone case with your, well, fashion.

I’m already on record as saying more people should be personalizing the outside of their phones. Cases are one of the easiest ways to do this. I’m not suggesting you change your case as often as your shirt, but a little more variety can be fun.

Phone cases are available in tons of different colors and patterns. You can even get your own custom designs and photos printed on cases. You can slap some team spirit on your phone for the big game or match your phone to your Jordan’s. It’s really up to you.

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That “New Phone” Feeling

Lastly, changing your phone case can actually make your phone feel “new” again. It’s surprising how used to the feel of our phones we get. After all, you probably pull it out of your pocket dozens of times a day.

Simply putting a case with a slightly different shape or texture can have a big effect. It breathes new life into a feeling you’ve gotten too familiar with. If you want to get a little crazy, go case-less once in a while. That really feels good.

The point I’m trying to make is you don’t need to be locked into one case or no case at all. People should think about phone cases like any other accessory in their life. You’ve got purses for certain occasions, shoes for certain situations, and watch bands for certain looks. It’s high time we bring that same attitude to our phones.

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