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Twitter is both a useful service and a distracting time-sink, at least it is when you can access the service. Sometimes accessing Twitter is not possible either due to an outage or problems on your end. Here’s what you can do.

Update, 2/17/22 1:22 pm Eastern: Twitter experienced some problems on the morning of February 17, 2022, but it was once again working properly early that afternoon.

Check Twitter’s Status Page

If you can’t access Twitter, you should first check the Twitter API Status page. If you see an “All Systems Operational” message at the top of the page, then the social media’s backend is working as normal.

Twitter API Status

If there are issues with “standard endpoints” or “standard statuses/update endpoints” then you may have problems viewing tweets, trends, and user profiles. Problems viewing images and videos would fall under the “media endpoints” section. You can scroll down the page to see any incidents that may be affecting the Twitter API.

You can also use a service like DownForEveryoneOrJustMe or to check whether “” is down, which would affect your ability to use the web version of Twitter in a browser.

Website answering the question "Is Twitter Down?"

If Twitter is down (which happens occasionally) then there’s not a lot you can do. Sit tight and try again in a while when the problem has been fixed. If everything seems normal on Twitter’s end, the problem could be due to your connection or the software you’re using to access the service.

Try Accessing Twitter Using a Different Method

If you’re using a mobile or desktop app to access Twitter, it’s a good idea to try the web version to see if the problem is limited to app access. The same is true in reverse if the web version isn’t working, you may have better luck in an app instead.

There are free official Twitter apps for just about every major operating system including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You’ll find these in official app stores like Google Play and the Mac App Store.

If it’s the web version that’s giving you trouble, trying a different browser can help. It’s always a good idea to have more than one web browser installed for moments like this. You can try restarting the problem browser, clearing caches, or opening a private (or incognito) window and accessing Twitter that way too.

Try a Different Connection Type

Sometimes, your internet connection is to blame for flakey performance. Normally a connection problem would affect service as a whole, but sometimes specific services are affected. To test this, use a different connection type to try accessing Twitter instead.

Accessing Twitter over 4G

For example, if you’re having trouble getting to Twitter on your laptop that’s connected via Wi-Fi, use a cellular connection on your smartphone instead. If you can isolate the problem to your local network connection, you should try restarting your network hardware (router and modem) to see if that solves the issue.

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Restart Your Device and Update or Reinstall Twitter

Restarting your computer (or smartphone, or tablet) can fix a huge number of issues. Sometimes all you need to do is switch it off and on again for things to start working. If you’re having issues getting Twitter to work, especially in a web browser, try restarting your device first.

Update Twitter for iPhone

If the Twitter app is giving you problems, try updating it using your usual method (likely via your device’s storefront). If you’re already on the latest version of the app, uninstalling and reinstalling may be worth a shot since this should clear any temporary files that could be causing a problem.

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Consider Changing Your DNS Server

The Domain Name Service (DNS) points web addresses (like to IP addresses, and it’s an important part of how the web works. By default, you’ll be using your service provider’s DNS server, but sometimes problems can arise with DNS, and changing servers is always an option.

You can change your DNS server on just about any device. Doing so may fix your issues with Twitter, but if not you may see other benefits like faster web browsing too.

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