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Google Chrome makes it easy to see which tab is making noise with the little speaker indicator, but muting the tab always required two clicks. Now, Google is going to change that, as the company is testing the ability to mute a tab with a single click.

Muting a tab with one click is currently available as a flag in the Canary build of Google Chrome. Because it’s a flag, you’ll need to manually enable it. To do so, type chrome://flags into the address bar and then turn on the option labeled “Tab audio muting UI control: When enabled, the audio indicators in the tab strip double as tab audio mute controls.”

Once enabled, instead of right-clicking the speaker icon and then muting it, you can simply click on the icon once, and it’ll mute the tab.

This is not the kind of update that’s going to change your life forever, but it’s a nice change that’ll make muting a tab that suddenly starts playing music or ads slightly quicker, which is always lovely.

We’re not sure when (or if) this feature will come to the release version of Chrome, but hopefully, it’s soon because it’s a nice little change.

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