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LG TVs are getting an exciting new feature in the form of GeForce Now game streaming without any additional hardware. That means you can play your favorite PC games without needing to hook a PC up to your TV.

The GeForce Now app first launched on LG TVs in beta in 2021, but now everyone with a supported LG TV can go ahead and download the app and stream high-quality PC games from the streaming service’s library.

LG has a list of TVs that support GeForce Now game streaming, and there are quite a few. However, it seems that only 2021 LG TV models with webOS 6.0 will work. If you have an older TV, you’ll miss out on playing video games on your TV.

Of course, if this really interests you, you could always consider upgrading to a new TV, as there are quite a few great models out there. If you decide to pick up a new TV, NVIDIA is offering six months of GeForce Now’s Priority tier free with the purchase of select models.

NVIDIA just added many new games to its service, so if your TV is supported, you can now play Mortal Online 2, Daemon X Machina, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Tropico 6, and Assassin’s Creed III Deluxe Edition. 

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