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When you ask Google a question through a smart speaker, the device might decide to go on a rant explaining the thing you ask it about. With a recent update, you can make Google Assistant quiet by simply saying “Stop” without the “Hey, Google” command.

If you ask Google to tell you the weather, and it starts going on about the upcoming predictions when you simply want to know the temperature outside currently, you can just say “Stop” in the middle of Google talking. This will save you from having to go through the entire process just to get Google to wrap it up so you can move on.

This is the kind of feature that seems like it should have been implemented into Google’s smart speakers and displays from day one, but it’s better late than never. If you’ve ever found yourself listening to an unwanted “Did you know” story from Google, you’ll absolutely love this update.

The new change is rolling out gradually, so you may not be able to tell your Google Assistant to stop just yet. According to 9To5Google, smart displays are seeing the updates first, so if you have a speaker, you may have to wait a little longer to get the feature.

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