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If you want to sell some of your belongings, you’ll be able to offer them at a higher price if they’re EUC. Here’s what the acronym means and how to use it in your product listings.

Excellent Used Condition

EUC stands for “excellent used condition.” On online marketplaces, sellers use this acronym to denote that their item has been lightly used and remains in fantastic condition, with virtually no signs of wear and tear. EUC is synonymous with phrases such as “like new” and “lightly used.”

This initialism is very common in reseller markets, where products are bought and sold for less than the original price. Prices are typically set based on the item’s condition, ranging from unused and unopened (or “new in package”) to heavily worn. EUC is the price tier right below a new product, so many buyers often look for EUC products because they’re essentially getting the same product for a significant discount.

You’ll typically find EUC in the descriptions of product listings, often within a “condition” section. EUC items are distinct from refurbished products, which are more common in traditional online stores. The EUC acronym implies that the product was recently bought and used sparingly before being resold. On the other hand, a refurbished product is often well-used, then restored to a state of being “brand new” through maintenance or part replacement.

A standard part of a EUC post is that sellers will state when they purchased the item. For example, they might indicate that they bought the recent iPhone less than a month ago and have a corresponding receipt to prove it. This helps to verify the claim that a product is likely still in excellent condition.

The Origin of EUC

EUC comes from online marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist, and specialized resale communities, as a way to quickly signal the condition of your listings. It likely emerged in the 2000s but blew up in the 2010s with the rise of e-commerce and platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

The practice of sharing a product’s level of usage has been around for a long time, including in pre-internet newspaper classifieds. Used cars are often appraised and priced based on their mileage, as that’s an excellent indicator of usage and the likelihood of future expenses arising from additional maintenance.

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In the Details

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One of the essential parts of ensuring that a product is EUC is providing a comprehensive description of its physical condition. This often includes attaching zoomed-in images of the entire item, with notes on any signs of wear and tear. Provide as many details as possible to give your buyer a complete idea of the product condition. This practice also minimizes the chance of complaints or negative reviews.

What’s considered “EUC” varies based on the product category. For example, a phone may be EUC if the battery is in good health and if the device has little to no scratches. On the other hand, a piece of clothing might be EUC if you’ve only worn it once or twice. A car could be EUC based on its current mileage and any replacement parts. You might spin a vinyl record once before being placed in storage, then sell it in EUC.

On the other hand, a product that is “GUC” or “good used condition” may have been in use for several months before being sold but is still well-maintained. Since these descriptors are subjective, buyers should always ask for additional information before finalizing a purchase.

There are also product categories where simply taking something out of its packaging can be considered “used.” Wrapped and sealed collectibles such as action figures and certain comic books instantly drop in value when you open the packaging.

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How to Use EUC

If you’re a seller that wants to use EUC, simply add it to the description of your listing. You can also add information about the physical condition, when you bought the item, and how many times you’ve used it. If you’re a prospective buyer, specify that you’re looking for a product that is EUC, and don’t forget to ask for pictures!

Here are a few examples of EUC in action:

  • “Selling Samsung Galaxy S21 EUC, purchased on December 28.”
  • “Leather bag for sale, EUC.”
  • “Looking for a Rage Against the Machine self-titled vinyl, any pressing, at least EUC!”

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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