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Stamps from the Post Office are among the most popular collectible items, and the USPS is taking that idea to the next level with its own NFTs. It brings that same level of collectability from the world of physical stamps to digital ones.

The United States Postal Service and VeVe (which also released NFTs from brands like Marvel) partnered to create NFTs back in November 2021, and the postal service talked about them again on its “mailin’ it” podcast. (Did you know USPS had a podcast? We sure didn’t.)

The original batch of NFTs was dedicated to Día de Los Muertos, and there were four unique NFTs to get. Each one was limited to a few thousand copies. They weren’t costly at launch, with each selling for $6. However, they did sell out quickly, and now they’re going for a minimum of $195 on VeVe’s secondary market, so they weren’t a bad investment at their launch price.

The USPS has since released four other NFTs on the VeVe marketplace, all of which are Christmas-themed as part of its A Visit From ST. Nick collection. The rarest of these is currently commanding upwards of $250, so it seems there’s a market for these USPS NFTs after all.

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